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The wind carried the scent of the buffalo towards the motionless hunter, who flashed a glance toward the Zulu tracker. The moment's tension was tangible, and the crackle of the dry Savannah air mixed with surging adrenaline. The shot was now or never. Slowly the rifle was lifted to his shoulder, the sights targeted to the giant bull's stooped head, and the trigger finger extended

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Professional Hunter Jacques Senekal founded Africa Maximum Safaris. As a true son of Africa, he grew up hunting in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. His passion for nature and the animals is evident in the knowledge he has about the African bush.

Centerline Firearms and Safari Hunts is proud to partner with Africa Maximum Safaris in South African Safari Outfitting. Give us a call to book your hunt or visit Jacque's website for more information on hunting in South Africa.