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Stock Guns

Below you'll fnd a partial listing of our current inventory of stock, and custom, firearms. The majority of our sales and interests lie in customized guns. If you do not see something below that you like, or if you are looking for a personalized and/or customized firearms made to your specifications, please contact us directly.

Guns for Sale

CZ Model American Bolt Action

Caliber .223 Remington
includes CZ scope mounts
New Gun - $510

Mauser Model 66 Bolt Action

Caliber 30/06
Quick detachable pivot scope mount
Leupold scope 1.5-5x20
Very good condition Used Gun - $1,950
Mauser Mod. 66s Bolt Action

Caliber .300 Win Mag
Zeiss 8x56 scope with Suhler claw and munts, nice wood, system engraved, top condition.
Used Gun - $3,300
Mauser 66 Bolt Action

Caliber .375 H&H Mag
EAW Quick detachable scope mount and Leupold Vari X III 2.5-8x36 scope
Used Gun in Excellent Condition - $2,350
Mauser 98 Custom Rifle

Caliber 30/06
Quick detachable scope mounts and Leupold Vari X III 4.5-14x40
New Gun - $3,500
Krieghoff Classic Big Five - Double Rifle

Caliber .470 Nitro Express
Engravings: small arabesques
Krieghoff pivot scope mounts with Leupold scope vari x III 1.75-6x32
New Gun - $12,100
Krieghoff - drilling - "Trumpf"

Caliber 12/3", 12/3" (side-by-side) and 30.06 (free flaoting rifle barrel)
with Leupold scope and quick detachable scope mounts, BLASER style.
New Gun - $12,000
Krieghoff Rifle Shotgun combination

Caliber 7x57R and 16/2.75"
Two underlugs and one Kersten crossbolt, Kahles scope, claw mounts and engraved system.
Used Gun - $3,900
Merkel - Over and Under Shotgun - Type 2001 E

Caliber 12/3", Improved Cylinder / Modified
Single triggered gun with engraved receiver.
New Gun - $5,150
Merkel - Adamy Cape Gun

Caliber 9.3x74R - 16 gage 2 3/4
Side by side with sideplates (engraved) quick detachable scope mounts with 1.5-6X42 Docter Scope.
Used Gun - $7800
Adamy - Suhl Double Rifle with Hammers

Caliber .416 Rigby
Engraved, nice wood
Quick detachable pivot scope mounts with Docter scope 4x32New Gun - $15,600
Fenris Wolf Arms

Caliber 45-70
Single shot rifle, falling block action
New Gun - $2,000
Ruger No. 1 - Single Shot Rifle

Caliber .300 Win Mag
Customized stock and sights, detachable scope mount with Leupold Vari-X3
New Gun - $1700
Blaser K95 Bavaria - Single Shot Rifle

Caliber 30/06
Blaser quick detachable scope mount and sightron scope.
New Gun - $3650
Benelli - Legacy Model Semi Auto Shotgun

Including 4 choke tubes.
Used Gun - $1,250
Hensel - Germany - Falling Block Rifle

Caliber 9.3x74R
with Leupold scope and quick detachable scope mounts and additional steel sights.
New Gun - $4,500
Sharps Rifle Model 1874

Caliber 45/70
Barrel length 21 inches
Made in ItalyNew Gun - $740

Krieghoff Rifle/Shotgun Combo

Model : Ultra
Caliber 9.3x74R - 20 gage 3 inches
includes Krieghoff picot scope mount and Leupold VARIxII 3-9x40 scope
Small arabesque engravings. Used Gun, perfect condition - $4300

Blaser - Rifle - Shotgun Combination

Caliber 9.3 X 74R - 16 Ga. 2 3/4
With Zeiss Diatal 6X42 Scope and quick detachable scope mounts.
Used Gun - SOLD
//--> Krieghoff Hubertus - Single Shot Rifle

Caliber 30/06
Engraved, Nice wood, with Flex quick detachable scope mount and Leupold VXII 3-9 X 40 Scope.
New Gun - SOLD
Adamy - Single Shot Break Open with Sideplates

Caliber 30.06
Leupold scope 6X42 with quick detachable scope mounts
set trigger, double lugs and double crossbolts, manual cocking and de-cocking.
New Gun - $5,000
Winchester - Lever Action - Model 9422H

Caliber .220 Magnum
With Simmons Scope.
New Gun - $500
Adamy - Double Rifle

Caliber .470 N.E.
With Leupold Vari-X3 Scope and Blaser, quick detachable scope mounts.
Used Gun - $9900
Hoch - Falling Block Rifle - custom built by Lewis Firearms - NH

Caliber 30-30, heavy barrel, hard chromed with steel sights and Leupold Scope.
Used Gun $1,500
Browning - High Wall Single Shot Falling Block

Caliber 45-70 with 28 inch tapered octagon barrel
Nice wood with sling swivels and scope mount
New Gun - $1,200
Mauser Bolt Action Rifle
Custom built by Heinz Brinner - Germany

Caliber .308 Win
Steel sights as well as quick detachable scope mounts, EAW style and Swarowski scope
Used Gun - $2,200
Ruger - #1 Falling Block Rifle - Reworked by Ruger Firearms

Caliber 30.06
Fitted with high grade wood by Ruger Firearms, Nikon scope
Used Gun
Wütrich - Falling Block Rifle - Switzerland

Caliber .300 WinMag
Engraved system, gas-gate recoil brake (can hardly be seen). Steel sights as well as claw mounts and Leupold scope
New Gun